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    Lipomas are soft and usually painless soft tissue tumors that grow in the fatty tissue under the skin. They grow slowly, but can cause symptoms as they get larger. Due to their benign nature, Lipomas can be safely observed and monitored when they are asymptomatic. Lipoma Removal Surgery is usually performed when they start to cause discomfort due to their size and location.

    Lipomas can grow in the bra-strap area or on the forearms where they get chronically irritated and cause pain. The discomfort increases as they grow in size. In this setting, Lipoma Removal Surgery is performed for medical reasons and is covered by many insurances. Our surgeons also perform Lipoma Removal Surgery for cosmetic reasons but this tends not to be covered by medical insurance.

    It is important to evaluate Lipomas to differentiate them from similar, more worrisome, growths. This can often be done with a focused history and physical examination. Primary Care Doctors, Surgeons, and Dermatologists can all safely perform this evaluation. If the physical exam findings are worrisome, imaging studies and potential biopsy may be indicated. When needed, we use ultrasound technology in our office to confirm the aggressive or indolent nature of the growth. We perform a biopsy if the history, physical examination, and findings from the imaging studies are worrisome. Otherwise, we surgically remove the lipoma in out office as an outpatient procedure with the aid of local anesthesia.

    The procedure is associated with a minor discomfort and usually has less than a one-week recovery. Patients are able to drive themselves home and return to work in 1 to 5 days depending on their individual pain-tolerance. Patient cost for Lipoma removal depends on the location, number, and size of the lesions as well as their health insurance coverage. For Cosmetic Lipoma Removal Surgery, without insurance coverage, our staff will generally work with patients and provide a discounted rate is applicable.

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