External Hemorrhoid Treatment

External Hemorrhoid Treatment: Office Procedures.

Our experienced doctors provide comprehensive external hemorrhoid treatment in the comfort of our office. The method and cost of hemorrhoid removal depends on the size, number & location of the anal tags and external hemorrhoids. These methods include “painless” procedures such as rubber band ligation and infrared coagulation. Also, we offer excision of the external hemorrhoids and anal skin tags when appropriate.

external hemorrhoid treatment needed

Medications Are Not Very Effective in Treatment of External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids and anal skin tags can result from chronic issues such as constipation. They can also result from Pregnancy, Weight Lifting, Core Body Exercises, and other activities that cause increased pressure or trauma to the perianal tissue. Regardless of their origin, time and tincture will often improve their symptoms. However, after the initial inflammation resolves, the resulting loss of elasticity in the skin leaves extra tissue in the perianal region. While symptomatic flareups from the remaining tissue can be temporarily controlled with medicines, long-term relief and resolution require treatment from an experienced proctologist.

Hemorrhoidectomy Procedures are Cost-Effective

When used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, medications provide temporary benefits. So, they need to be used multiple times. Still, they almost never provide a complete resolution of symptoms and hemorrhoids. When measured over time, office-based procedures for external hemorrhoid removal are more cost-effective. They also provide better long-term results than medical management. Importantly, the decreased suffering from recurrent lifelong hemorrhoidal flareups significantly outweighs any short-term discomfort one may feel from the procedure itself.


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