Hemorrhoid Removal During Pregnancy


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    Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

    Increased abdominal pressure from pregnancy causes the hemorrhoids to become engorged and symptomatic. This is common and the symptoms can often be managed successfully with over-the-counter medication, fiber supplements, and sitz baths. Suppositories including Witch Hazel and Calamine are a mainstay of treatment. Furthermore, the symptoms and hemorrhoids often resolve completely within a few weeks following delivery. If the symptoms are severe or fail to respond to these treatments, our doctors offer hemorrhoid removal during pregnancy. The procedures to treat or remove severely symptomatic hemorrhoids can be safely performed during any trimester of pregnancy. However, if the pregnancy has progressed significantly and the expected delivery date is near, we try to provide symptomatic relief until after the pregnancy so as to make the procedure easier to perform. When this is not possible, we have safely performed these procedures in the late third trimester as well.

    Many pregnant women suffer from Severe symptoms related to Hemorrhoids including pain, bleeding, and clotting. Unfortunately, many of the procedural options commonly used to treat hemorrhoids are not safe to be performed during pregnancy. This includes options that requires general anesthesia, significant suturing, or rubber band ligation. As such, most physicians recommend continued medical management for hemorrhoids in pregnant patients even when it is not effective.

    In reality, there is no reason to recommend that pregnant patients “learn to deal with it” while non-pregnant individuals are treated expeditiously by proctologist for immediate relief. Apart from medical management, infrared coagulation and office based excision are safe and effective options for hemorrhoid removal during pregnancy. Also, it is important to evaluate and make sure the symptoms are not related to infections, abscesses, or anal fissures which can also be easily treated if needed.

    Our experienced proctologists treat these disorders and more in Pregnant women to ease their suffering. The evaluation and treatment are performed in the comfort of our office with most patients experiencing significant, long lasting, relief.


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