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    Pediatric Proctology Children & Adolescents

    Children and Adolescents frequently suffer from anorectal symptoms. Pediatricians commonly treat these with medications. Evaluation by a Specialist is recommended when the symptoms are severe or become chronic. Many doctors including Gastroenterologists and Gynecologists treat these disorders. However, a board certified Pediatric Proctologist (Colon & Rectal Surgeon that is trained and comfortable with Pediatric Proctology) is often the best suited to provide long term effective treatment.

    Our Office & Pediatric Proctologist treat Children and Teenagers for:


    CONSTIPATION is the root cause for many of these problems. It commonly results from decreased fiber intake and chronic dehydration. Lack of activity and physical exercise are also often implicated. However, constipation can also be the result of worrisome underlying disease processes, poor bowel habits, or pelvic dyssynergia where the muscles in and around the rectum do not act appropriately. These muscles actively block the individual’s efforts for evacuating their bowels.

    Starting in teenagers and young adults, constipation can progress to cause anal pain, rectal pain, anorectal spasms, hemorrhoids, pelvic prolapse, fecal impaction, incontinence, rectal bleeding, and anal fissures. While many medications provide short term symptomatic relief, they don’t treat the underlying disorders. If the underlying cause isn’t addressed, the symptoms tend to get worse over time. They require ever stronger medications for management.

    Most Pediatricians and GI Specialists have limited time to spend on the workup of this problem. As such, much of an adult Proctologist’s office practice involves treatment of its long-term consequences.

    Intervention for worsening constipation at the earliest stages of the process is ideal. Compared to adults, children are not usually dependent on medications to control their symptom. This gives the Pediatric Proctologist a better chance to treat them successfully and provide long term relief. Our patients see significant improvement with appropriate medications, dietary changes, behavioral modification, biomechanical retraining, and guided exercises. Surgery is rarely required or needed.


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