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    Stop living with anal pain

    Medications Can Treat Anal Pain Temporarily.

    Many medications and home remedies are used to stop anal pain. However, most are either ineffective or provide short term relief of symptoms. Also, they often need to be used repeatedly, and still become less effective over time. Unfortunately, repeated use of these drugs can be quite costly  and cause significant frustration. While some of these medications like steroid creams and suppositories are harmful in the long term, others are safer. Still, they all come with directions not to use them for long periods of time so as to not miss a significant underlying disease process.

    Treating the Underlying Cause Offers Cure.

    While most cases of anal pain improve and resolve in a few days without any treatment, some eventually become chronic or severe. Most often, these cases are related to an underlying problem that causes the symptom. Treatment of these problems and pathologies eventually ends the suffering caused by the related anal pain.

    We Treat These Underlying Problems.

    Our experienced doctors evaluate you for several potential causes of chronic or severe anal pain including: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, infections, abscesses, muscle spasms, Levator ani syndrome, proctalgia fugax, abnormal growths, and cancers. This lets us treat the root cause of the symptom. We are able to get rid of your anal pain and any underlying concerns you may have. We help you get back your quality of life.

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