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At RS Surgical, it is our mission to empower our patients by educating them about their disease process and providing outstanding general proctology services and surgical care that combines the latest in technological advances and cutting-edge surgical techniques.

It is our commitment to provide a level of care that allows each patient to get the best possible results, regardless of the treatment or surgical procedure receive. Every patient is a unique individual and will be treated as such.

Your First Visit

We want every patient to feel confident about coming...
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General Surgery 

General surgeons are trained to operate on the alimentary tract, abdomen, breast, and...
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Proctology Disorders 

Our expert Proctologists are certified by the American Board of Colorectal Surgery...
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Proctology Symptoms

Our doctors are certified by the American Board of Colorectal Surgery and expertly...
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Proctology in Pregnancy

We firmly believe that pregnant patients should not have to suffer from severe...
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